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You didn't start your expert business so that you could mess around with technology all day! You want a system that generates business for you so that you can create the impact you want to see in the world. We are here to help!

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How We Do It


Successful businesses are a force for good. Let's discuss how we can create success together, see if there is a good fit, and when you want to get started.


What does success look like for you? Get crystal clear on who your customers are, what solutions you provide them with, and what assets you have for success.


Your objectives, assets, and opportunities get organised into a funnel. Customers go in at the top, money comes out the bottom, and the magic happens in the middle.


Your system is built based on the funnel design so that all the pieces fit together to create clean data, happy customers, and online business success for you.


No plan survives first contact with reality, so we work with you and your team on an ongoing basis to identify and remove constraints on your journey to success.

Services Offered

Brand Identity

Website Design

SEO & Analytics

Social Media Content Generation

Ad Campaigns


Email & Snail Mail

We Make Online Success Easy

A Working Funnel is the key to online success, and businesses that hire specialists grow faster than those that don’t.

A successful business is a powerful force for positive change.

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About Us

We are an Edinburgh-Based Digital Marketing Agency with our roots in South Africa, working globally with our clients to achieve great results.

  • 20 Years' Experience
  • Helped Over 300 Businesses
  • Across 4 Continents

Our team can assist you to get your marketing funnel set up and running in no time. Our specialties include:

  • Marketing Strategy,
  • Graphic design,
  • Copywriting,
  • Ad campaigns,
  • Email support,
  • Website building,
  • Video editing, and
  • Social Media Account management.

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Some Happy TLM Customers

John did 2 incredible sessions for the Ignite Accelerator. Both the one about Startup Analytics and the one about Facebook Advertising were super engaging and valuable. He is very adaptive to what our founders need and has been super helpful before and after the sessions! Thank you!

Gabriela Matic

Programme Director at Ignite Accelerator

I worked with John on one of his client's AdWords accounts and the care and attention to detail he had was admirable! He was conscious of the clients current needs as well as looking ahead at the accounts strategy and potential. Aside from being great at what he does he was also a pleasure to work with, bringing a lot of energy and smiles to our meetings.

Alisa Burns

Head of Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultant

I worked with John over a number of months both as a consultant and a Digital marketing coach when I was working in a tech start up.

As a trainer, his advice was always helpful, encouraging and up to date; highlighting angles I hadn’t considered and sparking really interesting discussions that were relevant to both start up life and marketing in general.

I had the pleasure of working with John again at the Google Digital Garage, running events related to Social Media Marketing. Throughout the event, his enthusiasm and knowledge on the topic was clearly apparent and made the whole event enjoyable and worthwhile for everyone involved.

I look forward to the next time I get to work with John and encourage everyone to reach out with their questions if they are looking for a friendly and informed answer!

Ally Ebdon

Project Manager at The Digital Age Ltd.

I have just completed my first 'Lean Canvas' with John assessing my role as a Financial Planner. With so many marketing resources, ideas, avenues and content required for all of them, I've often found it overwhelming and therefore a lack of action follows on my part. John is not joking when he calls himself the Lean Marketer. That was so concise and focused and I came out with a brilliant strategy to market to my ideal client and with only minimal steps to get there. John really understood my message straight away and came up with some great lines to summarise what I do and why. I highly recommend letting John have a look inside your business and see what comes out that will take you closer to those business goals!

Thanks so much for your time John.

Gemma Wood

Chartered Financial Planner

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Network With Other Business Owners

We are on a mission to enable change makers to do good and make money! As part of this mission, John runs a series of events to help you grow your Business using LinkedIn. This free weekly training session is called “Office Hours,” and happens every Thursday from 4pm (UK Time).

Meet fellow entrepreneurs and business owners with a strong spiritual practice which informs their work and contribution to the world.

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